Our Practices

We are the Warren Family. We provide high-quality, AGA certified Grassfed Angus beef; raised without antibiotics or added hormones; no pesticides or herbicides used; our animals are on a Green-Forage diet of warm and cool season grasses from birth to finishing. We also market for five local, Texas area producers: Free Range Chicken, Pastured Pork, Pastured, No Soy, chicken eggs, Grassfed, Artisan Cheese and organic Tilapia—raised organically via Aquaponics: No Corn, No Soy, No GMO.  We are committed to providing our customers with the healthiest and freshest Texas-raised clean animal proteins.


OUr Story


Weldon’s grandparents, Daddy Bill and Mamma Bill Warren, raised and grew most of what they ate. They raised their own beef, raw milk, hogs, chicken, and eggs. They grew and ate fruits and vegetables from their own garden. Their healthcare costs were minimal; their way of life was fairly simple and their quality of life was excellent.

Weldon’s father was less healthy, eventually living in both an assisted living facility and a nursing home.  He ate grain-fed beef, grain-fed pork, store bought pasteurized milk, and was much less healthy than his father, Daddy Bill. His healthcare costs were extravagant including two sextuplet by-pass surgeries.  Weldon, at a younger age, was even less healthy than his father. In Weldon’s mid 40’s, he had a stroke; our four young children were all in grade school. Weldon had not embraced living and eating off the land and was entirely dependent on today’s processed, synthesized and re-engineered foods. His young health suffered greatly.

In 2001, we, the Warren Family were cruising down the road of conventional material success, as defined by our progressive U.S. society.  Our lives were so busy, we relied heavily on both processed and convenience foods. Then, 9/11 rocked our world. The stress led to Weldon suffering a stroke—this was our wakeup call. We did a 180-degree turn in our lifestyle and eating habits, despite the advice from conventional doctors telling us diet would not change the 50% plaque build up on Weldon’s arteries. We moved to the country, began working for a small ranch, and ate our first grass-fed beef in 2002; at the very least, we wanted to feed our family clean, healthy foods.

By 2005, we were drinking our own raw milk, growing our own garden, eating free-range chickens, enjoying eggs with deep orange yolks, and of course—eating a whole lot of true grassfed beef. In 2012, Weldon had a full body scan of his vascular system. When the results came back, not only did he have zero plaque, but his lab numbers were slightly better than the average 35-year-old; Weldon was 57 years old. We attribute this medical result to the change in our diet and lifestyle. God allowed this very scary stroke to become our passion and our ministry.  We feel called to tell everyone our truth about nutritional healing. We believe in our body’s natural healing ability when fueled with the clean food that God gave us, not the food man engineered.  God gave us “natural” resources to deal with our environmental hazards and to stay healthy.

Now it’s time for you to decide. Will you take control of your health?  How many prescriptions are you currently taking? How much money do you hand over weekly/monthly to fast food companies for nutrition-less food filled with empty calories? How many food items do you buy from your local mega grocery store that has more than 4-5 ingredients (most of which you don’t recognize or understand and certainly cannot pronounce). If not for your own health, then for the sake of your family’s health—get to know your food. Your health is an investment, not an expense; it will deliver dividends worth living for.

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