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Metroplex Co-ops

Numerous co-ops around the metroplex distribute organic produce to their members once or twice monthly, normally every other Tuesday. These same co-ops distribute Holy Cow's Grassfed Beef to their members on one of those two Tuesdays.  Call the person managing that co-op for more details.


Holy Cow Beef charges the co-op manager a $10.00 delivery fee. Each co-op member is charged a $2.00 delivery fee for separate invoicing and bagging of each individual member's beef order.  The co-op manager earns the difference between our $10.00 delivery fee and the total dollars collected from each $2.00 delivery fee from the co-op's individual members.  Double check your invoice against your specific order to make sure you received what you paid for.


Purchasing products through your local co-op supports local farmers, ranchers and artisans producing healthier products for your family and community.  By supporting your local co-ops, you are helping your environment by minimizing the carbon footprint created by the large industrial food-distribution networks around the U.S. and world.


Large national super market chains now carry grassfed beef.  Much of this beef is imported from overseas. Just imagine the energy, resources and carbon foot print used to bring that product from a country several thousand miles away vs. buying from local providers and Whole Foods Market stores in your neighborhood.


Also, do not be fooled, in our opinion, much of this newly labeled Grassfed beef is "misleading" because of the USDA's loose labeling standards.  For example, according to the USDA, to qualify to label as Grassfed, animals simply need to have access to grass.  The standards do not specify that cattle actually have to graze grass, how much of their daily intake is grass or how many days or months they must graze grass.  So, in essence, a feedlot can give cattle gate access to a small pasture adjacent to their feedlot and label the beef as Grassfed.  Also, the USDA standards for Grassfed, do not mention antibiotics or hormone use, and thus, this standard allows for animals to be fed antibiotics and growth hormones and still be labeled Grassfed.  Holy Cow Beef cattle graze green forages (a great source of protein) or hay cut from green forages (a great source of protein) and have no added antibiotics or hormones.  If and when Holy Cow Beef supplements, we use cottonseed supplements (a healthy mix of protein and fat) rather than a grain-based supplement such as corn or milo (primarily a source of carbohydrates).


Find out more about how to become a co-op manager. You may also be interested in our complete list of metroplex co-ops.

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