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Ordering Information: Frequently Asked Questions

Doing Business With Holy Cow Beef:


1. We accept cash, checks, gold, silver and bullets at delivery.  If you are not home for delivery, then you can mail us a check once you have double-checked your physical order against your invoice total.  Everyone should double-check his or her order because we did make a mistake in 2007 ... I think :)


2. If you cannot be home at delivery, then please leave a cooler/coolers sufficient to hold your order on your front or back porch, or leave us access to your garage if you have a freezer there.  Just communicate with us how you would like for us to handle this at your home.  We charge $7.50 per home delivery. Many customers share this drop fee with a neighbor, friend, family member or peer.  We bag and invoice each family's order separately and prorate the $7.50 among the participating families.  We have a 20 lb. minimum order per delivery drop (no 20 lb. minimum for SAMPLERS) and having others share in that minimum order can be helpful.


3. We prefer to receive your order on or before Wednesday noon before our Monday/Tuesday delivery. That gives us sufficient time to pull your exact order, record the weight of your specific cuts, produce your invoice and email you the invoice amount and your delivery time by Sunday evening.


4. We need your contact information: address, home and cell phone numbers so we can communicate with you on delivery day.


5. We are a small, local mom & pop shop that enjoys providing high-quality, healthy beef at an affordable price.  We are charter members of an alliance of producers who wholesale our beef to Whole Foods Market (WFM) in their Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana stores.  We are audited annually, by an outside auditing group, for the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and for Whole Foods Market's Global Animal Partnership (GAP) - for animal welfare, animal husbandry, and for grass finishing standards.  We have passed their scrutiny every year since starting in 2007.  Our ground beef sells for around $8.99/lb. average at WFM; we sell it for approximately $6.59/lb. retail to keep it affordable for the average middle class family.


6. Since we are a small family-owned farm/ranch, we have limited supplies of certain individual cuts each month.  We fill orders on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you need to send us your order as soon as you can.  One beef animal produces only 2 Briskets, 2 Rump Roasts, 2 Flanks 4 Skirts, 8-10 lbs. bacon, and 1 or 2 Oxtail packs per animal.  These cuts are LIMITED in QUANTITY and are marked on the order form so you can plan accordingly.


7. Since we rarely have the opportunity to eat these LIMITED QUANTITY cuts, Ann has become very creative with her substitutions for our family.  In our opinion, the most flexible beef cut is Sirloin.  It is a higher quality cut than Skirt or Flank at a comparable or lower price.  We use Sirloin for fajitas (grilled), stir-fry, stew meat, smothered steak, and Swiss steak (although tenderized round steak is fabulous in Swiss steak as well).  The Mexican food restaurant industry popularized the fajita as a way to deal with a very tough cut of Skirt and Flank meat.


8. Our favorite roast is the Bone-In Chuck.  It contains the shoulder blade which not only adds flavor but nutrition as well.  The Arm Roast is equally good featuring a marrow bone.  Never throw the marrow bone away before using the marrow as butter on bread or stock for soup, stew, etc.  Of course, our dogs get the leftovers...and then, everyone is happy.  We even have smoked these roasts and used them as substitutions for Brisket.  Roasting slow and low has never failed to produce a sumptuous Chuck or Arm Roast-eating experience for our family.


9. We Vacuum-Seal every cut of beef we offer.  Most bone-in cuts have protective packaging placed over the bones before vacuum sealing.  However, it is unrealistic to think that the seal will remain in tack on our Knuckle, Marrow and/or Meaty Soup (Shank) Bone packages.  The vacuum seal should protect against freezer burn if the cut is inadvertently left too long in the freezer.  But, more importantly, vacuum sealing allows you to Wet Age your steaks or roasts for one to two weeks before you cook them ... if you so choose.  Wet Aging is the process where you can let your Vacuum-Sealed beef thaw slowly in your fridge.  Place a paper towel on a plate underneath the cut as it thaws and IF there is NO fluid leaking from the bag, then your seal is good and air tight.  That means there is no oxygen in the bag and you can let that cut of meat Wet Age in you fridge for one to two weeks without it going bad.  This Wet Aging intensifies the flavor and further tenderizes the meat.  It cost Holy Cow Beef more money to vacuum seal, but it gives you, our customer, more flexibility as the cook to further age and tenderize your beef for an even better eating experience.


10. Remember that Grassfed beef cooks faster than feedlot beef because Grassfed beef has less fat to insulate the beef.  Beef will continue to cook for 5-6 minutes once removed from the grill or oven.  So, if you like your steaks medium, then you need to remove them from the heat when Medium Rare.  By the time you plate your meal and sit down to eat your steak, it will have cooked to the next level.  For the best STEAK-eating experience, we recommend you pre-heat your grill to its absolute hottest setting.  Cook each side for approximately four minutes, remove from fire, and let your steak rest for the 5-6 minutes it will continue to cook.  Continue plating your veggies, bread and such while your steak rests.  Finally, cut a piece of your steak, close your eyes, and enjoy the robust flavor profile of our Angus Grassfed Beef.


11. Please enjoy, and call us if you have questions or a bad eating experience of any type.  We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and we guarantee all our beef.  We want to hear your feedback, good or bad, even though we enjoy the good feedback just a little more.

Delivery Fee:


$7.50 Delivery Fee per individual drop point.  However, the fee will be pro-rated among each individual family sharing a drop point.  Each family's order is bagged and invoiced separately for your convenience.

Buying Wholes, Halves or Quarters:


When people do the math and calculate the advantage of buying only the cuts they want vs. buying some "undesirable" cuts included with a quarter or half an animal, most customers choose cuts only.  For our Angus cattle, 100-125 lbs. equals a quarter (and earns a 5% discount) and 200-250 lbs. equals a half (and earns a 10% discount ... except on ground beef ... where the discount remains at 5%).  You would have to decide on a front quarter (Chuck and Arm Roasts, Brisket, Skirt, Heart, Tongue, some steaks etc.) vs. a back quarter (Rump, Round and Loin (Boneless) Roasts, Flank, Liver and remaining loin steaks).  Both quarters have some Steaks, Tenderized Round, Stew Meat, Short Ribs, and Ground Beef. 


However, we also give a 5% discount for ordering $800 or more for one drop, and a 10% discount ... (except on ground beef ... where the discount remains at 5%) for ordering $1500 or more.  And, of course, when you order by the cut, you choose what you want vs. buying everything a quarter, half or whole animal gives you.


You have the option of "grinding" into ground beef all sections you did not want specific cuts from.  When we sell by the cut, without discounts, we average roughly $8.00/lb.; thus, you would save $0.40/lb. for 100-125 lbs. and $0.80/lb. for 200-250 lbs. respectively.


One last consideration, you will need freezer space to store from 125-250 pounds.  Ground beef comes in 1 lb. sleeves; other cuts vary in weight per package.  You can pay the processor $0.50/lb. extra and have some of your ground beef made into patties.

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