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Our goal is to continue as a sustainable steward of God's natural resources. We raise and finish our animals for retail consumption by family, friends and discriminating consumers.


We provide high-quality "Third Party Certified, Birth to Finish, Grassfed Angus beef and other clean animal proteins: Chicken, Pork and Talapia.  Our beef is raised without antibiotics or added hormones; it is Grassfed from birth to finishing. We are committed to providing our customers with the healthiest and freshest locally raised Grassfed Angus beef. Our beef is not only fresher and better tasting than feedlot beef, but also, by purchasing locally, you are supporting local families, the local economy, and reducing the amount of energy used in the transportation of your food. Thus, ensuring the smallest carbon footprint possible.


Holy Cow Beef is one of the founders of an alliance of local ranches supplying Grassfed beef to Whole Foods Market stores in Texas and three surrounding states. You can find our beef in most Whole Foods stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Our Farm

We harvest our animals when they develop adequate back fat and intramuscular marbling, normally between 24-48 months of age. Through continually improving genetics, we produce docile and easy-handling animals, big ribeyes and excellent marbling. By finishing animals on pasture grasses, our animals produce a natural tasting beef: hearty and robust. Our management style avoids grains, corn and soy feeding, stress, and the feedlot environment. We employ rotational pasture grazing on native Texas grasses, winter and summer annuals and select introduced grasses. We use NO added growth hormones, NO medicated feeds or minerals and NO antibiotics.


Our beef is dry aged (hanging in a cooler before processing) for 9-14 days to provide a hearty, brown-roasted beefy flavor and then it is vacuum packed for optimal storage and Wet Aged in your own fridge if desired by you.  For your convenience, we do Wet Age our boneless steaks for two weeks; however, you can put our steaks in your fridge and continue Wet Aging for several more weeks.  This gives the family ultimate flexibility as to when they eat those steaks.    Savor the healthier flavor and enjoy the wholesome and nutritional advantages of Holy Cow Beef's naturally grass finished beef.


Our Market

We retail to individual families across West Texas and North Texas by delivering to your front door.  Review our Delivery Schedule to see when we are delivering to your area. Today, we have grown to become one of the most trusted beef producers in Texas.

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