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Holy Cow Beef offers a diverse range of "Certified" Grassfed Angus beef products at affordable prices.  We pride ourselves in providing high-quality products and offer a 100% quality guarantee on all items. 


We are "Certified" by the American Grassfed Association (AGA).  Our Animal Welfare standards are audited by Global Animal Partnership (GAP)


Don't be made a fool by purchasing what we call "FAKE" Grassfed Beef.  Obama and his Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsak, watered down the beef labeling laws so that feedlot beef can be labeled as Grassfed.  It's the same Grain fed Beef but they charge you more.  Isn't that just dandy!  If your package of beef doesn't have the AGA American Grassfed Association logo or another national certification company's logo on it, then it probably isn't TRUE Grassfed.  True Grassfed Beef is beef that has grazed GREEN forages their entire lifes, from birth to finishing ... and NEVER fed grains.  That's mighty important if you're on a serious health journey or have either food sensitivities or food allergies.



Buying Wholes, Halves or Quarters:


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and creative recipesContact us and discover all we have to offer.


When people do the math and calculate the advantage of buying only the cuts they want vs. buying some "undesirable" cuts included with a quarter or half an animal, most customers choose cuts only.  For our Angus cattle, 100-125 lbs. equals a quarter (and earns a 5% discount) and 200-250 lbs. equals a half (and earns a 10% discount ... except on ground beef ... where the discount remains at 5%).  You would have to decide on a front quarter (Chuck and Arm Roasts, Brisket, Skirt, Heart, Tongue, some steaks etc.) vs. a back quarter (Rump, Round and Loin (Boneless) Roasts, Flank, Liver and remaining loin steaks).  Both quarters have some Steaks, Tenderized Round, Stew Meat, Short Ribs, and Ground Beef. 


However, we also give a 5% discount for ordering $800 or more for one drop, and a 10% discount ... (except on ground beef ... where the discount remains at 5%) for ordering $1500 or more.  And, of course, when you order by the cut, you choose what you want vs. buying everything a quarter, half or whole animal gives you.


You have the option of "grinding" into ground beef all sections you did not want specific cuts from.  When we sell by the cut, without discounts, we average roughly $8.00/lb.; thus, you would save $0.40/lb. for 100-125 lbs. and $0.80/lb. for 200-250 lbs. respectively.


One last consideration, you will need freezer space to store from 125-250 pounds.  Ground beef comes in 1 lb. sleeves; other cuts vary in weight per package.  You can pay the processor $0.50/lb. extra and have some of your ground beef made into patties.

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