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Free Range & Pastured Chicken Products:

Product prices listed here are discounted for Cash or Check purchases, otherwise prices are 2.75 - 3.75% higher.

Holy Cow Beef  offers All Natural Free Range and Pastured Chicken at affordable prices.  All Chicken is Antibiotic Free with No added Hormones.  In addition to free ranging green forages, bugs, etc., these birds are fed: All Natural, Non-Soy, Non GMO project verified grains.  These birds are raised by Cobb Creek, Hillsboro, TX and Bois D'Arc Meat Co., Allens Chapel, Tx. 


Chicken Cuts and Prices:



Roasts:                                                                                                Price/Pound

Whole Chicken: (Premium, Bone-In)                                                       $ 4.49

3-Yr-Old Whole Chicken (Excellent for slow roasting & Soups      $ 3.49

Chicken Backs: (Bones with meat for Soups & Stocks)                      $ 2.99


Boneless Chicken:

Chicken Breasts: (Boneless, Skinless - 2 per package)                        $ 9.99

Chicken Tenders: (Boneless, Not breaded - approx 10/pack            $ 7.79

Ground Chicken: (Very lean, 1 lb packs)                                                              $ 6.59


Bone-In Chicken:

Chicken Thighs: (Bone-In, Skin on - 4 per package)                                $ 6.99

Chicken Drumsticks: (4 per package)                                                         $ 4.99

Chicken Wings: (Always great for parties)                                               $ 4.29


Chicken Organ Meats:

Chicken Liver: (approximately 10-15 per package)                               $ 4.99

Chicken Hearts: (approximately 20-25 per package)                           $ 4.99              



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