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True Grassfed Beef, Pastured Chicken (and Eggs) and Pork and organically raised Talapia, Raw Milk have amazing health benefits. Click here to read about our personal health journey, or continue below and learn about a few of the many reasons to eat grassfed beef.


Health Benefits of Grassfed Beef:

  • Women who eat one 6 oz. serving of grassfed beef a day are 60% less likely to develop breast cancer.


  • Switching to grassfed beef will save you 17,773 calories (six pounds) a year.


  • Grassfed beef has 2-4 times the amount of Omega-3 as grain-fed beef.  People with diets rich in Omega-3 are 50% less likely to have a heart attack.


  • People with diets rich in Omega-3 are 50% less likely to have a heart attack.


  • Omega-3 is shown to reduce the risk of cancer.  Omega-3 reduces risks of: depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder (hyperactivity), and Alzheimer's disease.


  • Grassfed beef lowers pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids and raises Omega-3 fatty acids.


  • In 2012, the American Heart Association endorsed eating grassfed red meat (beef).  The American Heart Association has never endorsed eating grain-fed beef.


  • Large amounts of Omega-6 lead to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory diseases and cancer.


  • Most Americans consume large amounts of Omega-6.


  • Grassfed beef is the richest known source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA.


  • You would have to eat five times more grain-fed beef to have the same CLA levels.


  • There is 3 times the amount of Vitamin E in grassfed beef as grain-fed beef.


  • Vitamin E lowers risks of both heart disease and cancer.


  • Most Americans are deficient in Vitamin E.


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