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What the heck is happening to our country's health?  Big Ag and most U.S. food companies are selling us synthetically engineered artifical foods and chemical additives.  You are not eating Real Whole foods anymore!  It is estimated that 65% of "food" consumed in the U.S. is "not" real food and has zero "real" food in it.

In Summary, since the 1950s, Big Agriculture (USDA, Monsanto, Bayer Science, Feedlots, FDA and big Government), Big Food Companies (Tyson, ADM, Kraft, Coca Cola, Pepsi, General Foods, General Mills, Berkshire Hathaway's mulitiple Fast Food Companies, etc., etc., and Big Pharma have conspired with one another and with Big Government (your Congressman) to LIVE OFF the sick and compromised bodies of Americans.  They don't want to KILL you, and they don't want to HEAL you because the flow of YOUR MONEY to them will stop at your healing or your death.




Below is a quick health summary of three consecutive generations of the Warren Family:


1.  My grandparents: Daddy and Momma Bill Warren, born in 1889 and 1891 repectively, died in 1984 and 1992.  Daddy Bill lived 96 years and Momma Bill lived 101 years.  They worked, loved and laughed a lot while raising their children on their farm.  They lived and ate off the land.  Meal time was a social time.  They set their fork or spoon down between bites.  They chewed their food thoroughly.  They didn't drink COLD drinks with their meals.  All these habits aided in the proper digestion of their food.


They raised and grew most of what they ate.  They raised and ate their own beef, raw milk, hogs, chickens, eggs.  They grew and ate their own garden fruits and vegetables.  If history serves me correctly, Daddy Bill spent only one night (in his entire life) in a hospital after suffering a broken rib from a minor auto accident.  He checked himself out of the hosptial very early the next morning and said, "I'm going back to work".  Momma Bill did suffer from childhood polio and then, very late in life, suffered a severe stroke and spent three years in a nursing home...but that stroke occurred when she was 98.  Neither suffered from today's civilized illnesses.  They worked hard, enjoyed good health and a high quality of life.  Their health care costs were minimal, their way of life was fairly simple and their Quality of Life was to DIE for.


2.  My parents: Robert and Leta Warren, born in 1924 and 1930 respectively, both died in 2012.  My dad lived 88 years and my mom lived 82 years.  My dad underwent two massive heart bypass surgeries to replace six clogged arteries while my mom suffered numerous minor TIA strokes, two more severe strokes and one heart attack.  She also suffered from Diabetes.


3.  Bottom line, my grandfather was healthy his entire life.  He was not sickly or medicated.  He never lived in a nursing home nor needed assisted living.  My father was less healthy.  Eventually, he lived in both an assisted living facility and a nursing home.  He was less healthy than his father.  I was even less healthy than my father.


I had a stroke in my mid 40s...I could have been dead by 50.  My vascular system was clogged with plague.  Both my carotid arteries and the six areries around my heart were 50% blocked!!!  I had elevated cholesteral and high blood pressure.  If I did nothing, my long-term prognosis was not good.  But, conventional mediciane was very willing to MANAGE my declining health pharacuetically.  So, I asked my Denton medical doctor if this plague could be dissolved and thus removed from my vascular system.  He said, "No".  However, he did say that Modern Medicine and the medical community were perfectly capable of MANAGING my decline.  He did concede that I would suffer side effects from the multiple prescriptions needed to MANAGE my health and that there would be no BIG improvments in my vascular health.  Nutrition and clean eating were never discussed.  Why?


My dad's generation was further removed than my grandfather's generation of eating clean food off the land.  Personally, I totally had abandoned living and eating off the land and was entirely dependent on "today's processed, synthesized and re-engineered foods".  And my health suffered greatly.


I encourage you to INVEST the time to watch the following documentaries.  If you do, it will change you and your family's life...forever.


  • Food, Inc. - Documentary
  • Sustainable - Documentary
  • What's With Wheat - Documentary
  • Genetic Roulette - Documentary
  • That Sugar Film - Documentary
  • The Truth About Cancer - YouTube Documentaru
  • Live Longer, Feel Better - Documentary
  • The Magic Pill
  • Dr. Ben Edwards teaching videos on YouTube:

              a.  Veritas Medical Introductory Meeting - Part 1

              b.  Veritas Medical Introductory Meeting - Part 2

  • Weston A Price Foundation podcasts at

Weldon's Personal Health Story

In 2001, the Warren Family was cruising down the road of material success, conventional success as defined by our progressive U.S. society.  We were making good money and lived in a big house in an upscale neighborhood of an upscale suburb.  Our lifes were so busy that we leaned heavily on both processed and convenience foods.  We consumed more than our fair share of processed, refined and fast foods and carbonated drinks.


By the summer of 2002, a lot had changed in our lives.  First, 9/11/2001 changed our lives forever.  Second, I had a stroke.  You know, the type where one side of my face drooped and both my left arm and leg turned numb and I couldn't lift my left leg high enough to climb the stairs to our bedroom.  I called to my wife, Ann, and said, "Honey, I think we have a problem".


These two incidents were our wake-up call, the proverbial slap in the face, if you will.  We did a 180-degree turn in our lifestyle and eating habits.  Shortly thereafter, we made the decision to return to the roots of my upbringing ... to farm and ranch country, where I hoped I could, at the very least, feed my family clean and healthy foods.  I had been reading about living a more natural holistic and homeopathic lifestyle.  I read books written by Allan Nation, Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon and Jo Robinson.  I started going on farm tours of families who were a few years ahead of us on the learning curve.


In the fall of 2003, we butchered our first grassfed Angus.  By 2004, we had butchered 3 grassfed animals of different breeds to study the difference in their marbling.  By 2005, we were drinking our own Jersey raw milk and enjoying raw-milk whipped cream and butter.  We were growing our own garden, eating free-range chickens and their deep-orange yoked eggs, and of course, eating a whole lot of  TRUE grassfed beef.


One day in 2005, my family casually observed an interesting fact – we all had lost a little weight. While none of us was overweight, we all were carrying a few extra, maybe 5 to 10, pounds.  We had never been big dieters and we had not implemented any conventional diet since we had moved to the country, but we were eating clean and nutrient-dense foods.


Now, for the really good news: in 2012, I went to the doctor for one of those full-body scans of my vascular system.  These scans detect plack buildup in your arteries and warn you of an impending blockage that can cause a stroke or heart attack.  Based upon my previous stroke and poor heart and vascular family history from both my parents, Ann and I were both a bit anxious about the results.  In fact, I had avoided doing this test for several years, fearing a worst-case scenario.  We received the results in March – I had  Z E R O  P L A C K  in those parts of my arteries they scanned.  In fact, my numbers were slightly better than an average 35-yr-old ... I was now 57 years old.  I consider that to be pretty darn good news – wouldn't you?


Bottom line, Ann and I attribute this medical result to the change in our diet and lifestyle.  We significantly reduced our processed and refined food intake.  We significantly reduced our refined sugar and modern wheat intake.  We significatly reduced the amount of chemicals, synthesized foods and patented medicines (pharmacueticals). And, of course, we continue to drink raw milk, and eat organic produce, free-range chickens and eggs with a yummy orange-colored-yoke, raw milk cheese and our personal favorite: Angus Grassfed beef. 


We are big users of herbs and essential oils ... the natural healers God gave to animals and mankind.  We believe in Revelation 22:1 that states that "the leaves of the trees are for the healing of  the nations".  God knew the environment of earth before it was occupied by animals and man.  God gave us "natural" resources to deal with our environment hazzards and to stay healthy. 


However, the problem with my story is that the U.S. Crony Capitalistic business model i.e., Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Food cannot "patent, control and profit" off nature in its God given Organic state, so they chemically "synthesize" nature's molecular structures and receive "patents, control and profits" on this incomplete and inadequate chemical substitute for nature's organic healing.  Today's American medical schools are funded by Big Pharma and thus these medical doctors are trained by and beholden to Big Pharma.  Today's medical doctors are deliberately and inadequately trained in nutrition, naturopathic and/or homeopathic care.  Today's medical doctor is NOT a health care provider, but rather, a pharmacuetical dispenser. 


Now it's time for you to decide: to take control of your health and the "care" of your health or, to continue down your current track ... the status quo.  How many prescriptions are you currently taking?  How much money do you hand over weekly/monthy to Fast Food companies for nutritionless food filled with empty calories?  How many food items do you buy from your local mega grocery store that has more than 4-5 ingredients (most of which you don't recognize or understand and certainly cannot pronounce).


Folks, if not for your own health, then for the sake of your family's health!

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