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Grassfed/Grass-finished Beef
No added hormones, No Herbicides, No Pesticides

Third Party Certified” Birth to Finish Angus Grassfed Beef, free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and herbicides. American Grassfed Association and Global Animal Partnership (animal welfare) certified.

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Pastured Chicken
Free Range & Pastured

We offer Cobb Creek Farms free range chicken, located in Hillsboro, TX. All chicken is Antibiotic Free with no added hormones. In addition to free ranging green forages, bugs, etc, these birds are fed all natural, Non-GMO Project verified grains.

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Pastured Pork
Berkshire Heritage Breeds

We offer Lisemby Farms pasture-raised Pork, located in New Home, TX. This pork is raised completely outdoors where they roam lush pastures and have access to sunshine and clean water. They are supplemented with Non-GMO grains and Acorns.


Our Beliefs

Holy Cow Beef does not rely on the governments interpretation, opinion, or regulations for what is organic. We want to rely on our common sense, knowledge and values of what we want our family to eat and what our customers want for their families.

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Beyond Organic

Are you ready to help us help you with your clean eating health journey? At Holy Cow we’re all about “beyond organic,” grassfed, green forages, all-natural, antibiotic free, no added hormones, no herbicides, no pesticides, and antibiotic free all the time.

Eating clean and nutrient-dense food is about investing in your health, which is a choice. Choice is about knowledge, knowledge is about studying and sharing that knowledge with others, who as a collective group, create the demand for the food and nutrition they want for their families. Ultimately customers get what they choose and pay for.


Let Food be Your Medicine

…Or else medicine will be your food! Eating clean and nutrient-dense foods will heal your gut, which will heal your immune system, which will heal your mind and body.  Along the way, you will lose weight, sleep better, remove your brain fog, and most importantly—spend more quality time with family and God.

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Delivery Schedule



Pick up orders Monday-Sunday at the Home Office


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