Food that Nourishes

A Diverse Range of Products

Holy Cow Beef offers a cornucopia of different clean proteins, including our American Grassfed Association (AGA) Certified, Grassfed/Grass Finished Angus Beef, plus clean Chicken, Pork, Tilapia, Cheese and chicken Eggs at affordable prices.  All clean proteins are raised without added hormones, without the use of antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.  We pride ourselves in providing high-quality Texas products and offer a 100% quality guarantee on all items.  When you support local Texas farms, you support the success of your hometown and its community.

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Grassfed Beef

Enjoy the robust and hearty flavor of 100% pure beef from our steaks, roasts, ground and sausages. We never use fillers of any kind!  We also provide flavorful soup bones, and organ meats to serve warm, nutritionally dense meals. Our processed beef cuts are free of synthetic nitrates, nitrites and MSG. We use natural celery juice powder as our preservative. We, Holy Cow Beef, finish all of our cattle on green forage 12 months of the year.  We can be found in Lubbock, Plains, New Home and Corsicana, Texas. Our cattle are certified 100% grassfed and grass finished.

Not sure what to get? Try our Sampler designed to offer many different beef cuts and cooking styles.

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Our pastured pork are heritage hog breeds, which always are praised for their excellent flavor profile.  The hogs are raised by Lisemby Farms in New Home, Texas.  Lisemby’s hogs roam free in the pasture and are finished on acorns, pecans, fermented silage and Non GMO Project Verified grains, which give the pork flavor, complexity and depth.

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Free Range Pastured Chicken

We believe all chickens were meant to scratch and peck in a natural habitat.  We found a partner with the same mindset, Cobb Creek Farms in Hillsboro, Texas.

Animal welfare is top priority for our partners and us.  In addition to free ranging green forages, bugs, etc., these birds are fed Non GMO Project Verified grains, which add to the hearty and earthy flavor profile.

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Our cheese partners are long time friends, Veldhuizen Cheese from Dublin, Texas. They raise their cows, sheep and goats completely on grass and green forage. The cheese is raw milk and is aged for months before being sold. Veldhuizen Farmstead Artisan Cheese is cultured to be rich in flavor with a texture to match.

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We are proud to offer organic, soy-free, Pastured Chicken Eggs. Theses chickens enjoy living on lush pasture where they can scratch for bugs and eat green forage. These chickens are supplemented with Non GMO Project Verified organic, non-soy grains. Eggs from truly pastured chickens are creamier in texture with a rich flavor profile. These yummy eggs come from Alcove Farms in Lubbock, Texas.